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4 min readDec 8, 2020

Hello reader! It’s very cold outside.

I’ve been going on walks at the end of my day so I can enjoy the early morning. There really aren’t many people who are out around 5:00 AM, so I get to kind of just do my own thing for a while.

The people who are out at 5:00 AM, they are so interesting!

The most common walker is the older woman who is so bundled up she could spend the day outside and probably never get cold. They’re by themselves and are probably operating on some sort of schedule because they’re always out around the same time and follow the same route.

There are other walkers as well like those with pets and couples, but they never seem like they’re walking for themselves. I should really speak with these people and try to figure out them instead of just wondering about it.

I wonder at what age walks are mandatory. You don’t see a lot of college kids going on walks. It’s always older people or someone who is being carried by something else, like a dog walk or some chore. Are the people who walk on schedules stay at home workers? Do they have some health problem? Are they also staying up late?

While I was out I had the idea of going and speaking with people living in trailer parks for some sort of video documentary. I’d like to imagine they’re not what other people think they are and they live fulfilled lives. It’d make for a good little mini-documentary that gets auto suggested on YouTube or whatever.

Hmm — I’m really not too focused right now. There isn’t too much going on in my life recently and I guess that makes it all the harder. When you’re not focused on something you kind of try to find something to focus on, at least in my experience, and if there aren’t too many choices you end up doing something menial like cleaning or making some calendar. Is this (writing) really that fulfilling? I’d like to hope so.

I’ve been half-reading “Ready Player One” and I’m kind of disinterested from how much it follows a formula and probably the fact that I’ve seen the movie already. It’s written really well, but the obsession over the 80s’ culture stuff makes it kind of hard to get through. The only thing from 1980 I can really think of is the movie Wargames, and I can probably only watch that movie once a year.

Should these blogs posts be just blurbs of nonstop thoughts? Should I try to structure them? If I make a mistake or if I write something that I really didn’t like, should I go back and change it or should I just leave it out of some memorial type thing. I have no idea.

Yesterday night, I found a vulnerability in Apple which let me view the name, phone number, address, and billing information of the over one-billion Apple customers. This is a huge deal, and if the media ever found out about the issue then there would be international news about a potential data breach or how ethical hackers are awesome.

Someone had asked me a question yesterday about “would you rather receive 10-million dollars or be immortalized forever for a technical finding” and I picked the 10-million dollars. It seems like the sellout option but, to be honest, I think you’re dipping your toes back in the water by choosing the money.

You’re probably still going to work and contribute to whatever technical field you’ve been working in, and by choosing the non-immortalized option, you get to continue working on whatever work sounds interesting to with no barriers whatsoever (if you’re self controlled and smart about it).

The other option is pretty much “I get to sit back and enjoy my spoils, knowing I’ve died accomplished” (or so it seems) but I can’t imagine you’d live past knowing you’ve really done anything.

Anyway, this vulnerability was very cool. It had lots of impact. It was a very exciting find and really added kindling to the fire that is passion for hacking.

I wish that everyone could discover this feeling in whatever they choose to do. It’s one thing you can’t communicate when people ask “why do you do what you do” and the one thing which carries people through what seems to be pointless stuff.

Anyway, I’ve got to speak with someone about something, love you all and best wishes. Things feel exciting today.